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We build machines that read and write

Organizations today face a problem. The amount of data we are collecting is growing exponentially. At the same time the number of human analysts who can read it is at best growing linearly. We require new ways to close this intelligence gap and accelerate our understanding of the world.

Primer is a machine intelligence company that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate the analysis of large datasets. We build systems that read documents, discover insights and automatically generate reports comparable to those of a human analyst.

See Primer in Action: go to Primer Labs, COVID-19 Primer, and Quicksilver for a demo of the technology at work.

See Primer in Action

Primer Labs

Interact and experiment with powerful technology that highlights Primer’s advanced machine learning.

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COVID-19 Primer

Quickly understand the scientific progress in the fight against COVID-19. Using the most advanced NLP Algorithms, read summaries and discover trends in the latest research papers and the conversations around them.

Explore COVID-19 Primer


Computer generated summaries of people from the world of science, medicine, and technology. A self updating knowledge base.

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_Technical Summarization

Intelligence Engines

Our products are built on top of a core set of computational engines. Their architecture is modular by design, allowing for continuous development on our analytic pipeline. These engines allow our customers to process a diverse set of document types across multiple languages. They do the work of extracting information, identifying key insights, performing analysis at scale, and generating output as human-readable text and graphics.

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Key Features


Accomplishing in seconds what takes a human days


Continuously improving through feedback

Reduced Bias

Robust statistical analysis baselined against all available data


New analytic techniques, data sources, and languages made available as they come online

Always On

Knowledge updated as the world changes. Reports instantly available.


Equally adept in finance, consumer insights, science, and geopolitical spheres

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Our technology is used by some of the largest organizations in the world